Intellectual Property Right Consultants

Corporate, Commercial Practices and Banking 

General corporate and commercial/trading activities, joint ventures, company formation, company re-organization, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, management agreements, profit/revenue sharing schemes, financing agreement, syndicated loan agreement, security documentation, debt restructuring, strategic advice. 

We have experience in representing lenders (domestic and foreign lenders) in various type of financing transaction, preparing various type of finance documents, including loan syndicated agreements, banking and finance standard documents, restructuring agreements, notes, etc., conducting certain investigation and due diligence with respect to compliance with the banking regulations.


Capital Market 

Initial public offerings, rights issues, bond and other capital market instruments, restructuring and other corporate actions of public-listed companies.  

Our lawyers are experienced in providing various advices related to capital market issues, involved in the process of various issuance or listing of securities. 



Domestic and cross-border investments, establishing domestic and foreign investment companies including undertaking of all licenses to comply with Indonesia Laws and regulations such as distribution licenses for the products of foods and medicines, importation licenses, etc. The types of businesses include hotels, basic telecommunication, rubber parts industries, information technology, mining industries, trading property etc.


Real Property

Property investment and development, sale and purchase, acquisition, and securities; Preparing standard documents for a number of developers which engage in the development of houses, office buildings, and apartments.


Industrial Relations

Expatriate Working Permit Arrangement, Collective Labour Agreement, and Labour Settlement of Disputes. 


Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Criminal (corruption, smuggling, swindling, etc.), Civil and Commercial litigation support services, company and contractual disputes and debt restructuring settlement.  


Plantation Estates and Forestry 

Plantation development and investment, permits, licenses and handling of legal matters in forestry/plantation projects. 


Mining and Energy 

Mining and energy development and investment, permits, licenses, negotiations, contract formation, particularly in coal and gold projects. 


Bankruptcy, Insolvency and restructuring

Bankruptcy petition, receivership (curator) and administrators for insolvency and debt restructuring. 


Unfair Business Competition

Providing various advices related to unfair business competition. To file or undertake the complaints on anti monopoly and unfair business practices before The Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU).